lorenaLorena Olivares L., sculptor, was born on September 1973 in Santiago de Chile. She studied at the Faculty of Arts, Universidad de Chile between 1991 and 1995, in 1997 she got her title as a sculptor with highest distinction.

Currently she lives and works in El Manzano, Cajón del Maipo, Santiago Andean area. Chile.

She has performed several solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Chile and abroad.

Some of her awards are the scholarship Friends of Art, Fondart, sculpture prizes in national competitions and selection to symposia both in Chile and abroad.

Several of her large-scale works are located on public spaces in Chile, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Bolivia, Brasil, Cyprus and Thailand.

Her art work is mainly developed in two areas: large works where she proposes the interaction between sculpture, landscape and viewer; and smaller and intimist works. In these works are combinated different materials such as steel, molten metals, wood, clay and stone.

She defines her work as an organic abstraction, very related to the nature and its geometry, simplicity and fragility, looking at it inquire into themes about human beings, their relation with themselves, others, nature and the habitable space.